Welcome to my campaign: The Trinkets of Talmaria!

There’s a lot to this campaign, SO PAY ATTENTION!

clears throat

Let’s start from the top down, shall we?

  • This is the homepage. Here I will provide any news and updates for the campaign that doesn’t belong in the Adventure Log. This is also where I will post the video update of the campaign if you’d rather watch us get our asses kicked!
  • Next up is the Forum. On the Forum you can feel free to ask any questions about the campaign and any information that is currently available to the players. I can’t give info away, sorry!
  • Next is the Calendar. This is where I’ll post my session dates. You know, for when we play.
  • After that is the Adventure Log. This is where I’ll keep track of pretty much everything in the campaign. This is also where you can find real time updates during the campaign sessions if you’d like to follow along and can’t wait for the video. Your choice.
  • Next: the wiki. This is the information dump of the campaign. Any info that is available to players during the campaign will be stored here so those who are not caught up (players who missed a session included) can catch up. It will also hold the video archive if you’d rather watch it.
  • After that, the characters. This will show the characters of each player in the game. All their stats, items, money, and experience can be found here. These will be updated after every session.
  • Maps. This is important as well. I plan on making mats and full blown maps for this campaign, so this is where you’ll go to see them.

That’s all everyone! Hope you enjoy the campaign, and may your dice rolls be high!

The Trinkets of Talmaria

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