Session 1: The Adventure Begins

The campaign starts off with each of the players receiving a letter from King Arthius asking for your audience in the Kingdom of Lions.

They players arrive in town, and the King meets them personally at the gate to the castle. He invites them into his meeting room. He takes them to a large room in the back of the castle, with a large table with many chairs. He sits down.

“Please sit down.”

The players sit down.

“I’ve called you all here for a very special reason. It seems that my Magus Periphas discovered something truly troublesome. Periphas!”

Periphas enters the room

“Yes, my lord?”

“Tell them the things you have told me.”

Periphas leans in

“Do you really think they should know that sire?”

“Of course! I’ve summoned them personally. They’ve all come from around the world to heed my call.”

“Very well.” Periphas clears his throat

“A month ago I recevied a vision. I was watching over the kingdom with my Orb of Perception, when something very strange happened. A purple fog rose up into the orb, blocking my vision. I then heard a laugh. A deep and low laughter that seemed to chill every fiber of my being. Just 2 weeks later we had a messenger arrive to the kingdom, saying he has a telegram for the King, and that it was extremely urgent.”

“I rushed down, and took the letter.”

The King hands Ryan the letter

“Drelmor un gawud hudug.

Hut ur don gowd du muruk bel morud.

Morun duw gordug kugor dun gorunn guul."

“We don’t know what it says, can you decipher it? It seems like it some kind of Orc language.

Ryan can’t read it.

The King sighs

“But I know someone that might be able to help us. My old master Maglmar. He lives in the city of Brisbane. Go there, and see what you can discover.” – Periphas

The King escorts you out of the castle. He stops at the door.

“The city lies to the East. Just follow the road and it should take you there. Good luck to you!”

Having been urgently rushed to the castle, you did not notice before that the town was bustling with activity. People running around with baskets and boxes full of things. You see one man setting up a magic firework stand.

Casey turns back to one of the guards around the castle, and asks if the King can provide any kind of transport. The guard goes into the castle, and returns with the King. The King gives them 2 Horses and 1 Cart.

Corey contemplates shooting a fireball at the firework stand, but decides against it, as that would cause a lot of unnecessary ruckus.

The party head towards the stables outside of the city gates.

The party sets off towards the city of Brisbane. On their journey you arrive at the edge of a thick forest. They hear some rustling ahead.

A man on a cart emerges from the forest.

“Good day! Might I interest you lot in some of my wares?”

Casey and Ryan inspect the cart from the man. It’s full of hats.

Ryan wants to find some kind of lump or anything, but can’t find anything of the sort.

Matt asks “What do you have for sale?”

“Hats! Many a different kind of hats!”

“Do you have any hats for Mr. Nutty?”

“Unfortunately no.”

The party let the man go, and they wish each other a good day.

They proceed into the forest.

As they proceed through the forest, they come to a small somewhat circular clearing.

You pass into the clearing when suddenly 2 arrows are shot out of the trees.

One arrow fly’s by Ryan, the other hits Corey in the shoulder for 4 damage.

6 bandits emerge from the trees, 2 of which are carrying bows, the other 4 are wielding shortswords. They surround the party.

They notice that accompanying the two bandit archers is another bandit, weilding a scrimitar.

“Well, look what we have here boys! A few lost travellers!”

The group of bandits chuckle and laugh menacingly. while pumping their weapons into the air.

Now, you can either put down your weapons, or die.

Clayton attempts to intimidate the leader into putting his weapon down. He succeeds, but the leader holds onto his weapon.

Casey mentions something about the trader out loud. The Bandit Leader replies “Hah! Looks like our bait worked!”

(I’ll keep better documentation of the actual encounters next time. The party kills all except 2 bandits and the leader)

After the last of his comrades fall, the bandit leader begins to run, obviously being terrified after watching all his comrades fall at your hands.

The party then takes 3 bandits hostage, and chops the heads of the others off and throws them into the cart.

End session 1

Session 1: The Adventure Begins

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