The Trinkets of Talmaria

This page refers to the ACTUAL Trinkets of Talmaria.

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The Trinkets of Talmaria are 7 magical artifacts that belonged to Talmar, an extremely powerful wizard in the first age, who was said to create the world of Talmaria itself. He is revered as a god of magic amongst the current inhabitants of Talmaria, though many follow other religions as well (See List of Deities).

The 6 artifacts he held are extremely powerful magical instruments that is said to be used to shape the world. The Ring of Purity, The Helm of Justice, The Medicine of Philanthropy, The Great Sword of Persistence, The Plate Mail of Sufferance, The Pendant of Loyalty, and The Shield of Valor.

Each of these items were spread all over different parts of the world. Apart, their magic is weak, but brought together, and whoever bore them would be immortal.

  • The Elves hold the Ring of Purity, in the Castle of Inuldun in Aholasr.
  • The Dwarves keep watch over the Helm of Justice, in the Tera Mountains of Nanrim.
  • The Monks of Limya hold the Medicine of Philanthropy in the Monastery of Yantin.
  • The Great Sword of Persistance is kept under the Dragonborn of Lansohd.
  • The Plate Mail of Sufferance is held in the grand hall of the Kingdom of Lions (Not by lion-creatures) in Westfeld.
  • The Gnomes of Arconia hold the Pendant of Loyalty in Nolabnerr.
  • And last, the Orcs of Botarha hold the Shield of Valor on the continent of Gornd.

The Trinkets of Talmaria

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